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A Guide to Holland

For travellers, Holland offers a unique and rewarding blend of sophisticated culture, welcoming hospitality and down-to-earth charm - just as one might expect of the land of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Food and Drink

The Dutch have a style of cooking that reflects their landscape: plenty of dairy products from the cows that graze the pastures of the polders; meat of all kinds from the many farms that dot the countryside; fish and shellfish from coast and coastal inlets; and eels from the inland waterways and lakes. Beer is the traditional alcoholic drink, although wine - imported from all over the world - is almost as popular.

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Landscape and Nature

Holland possesses a particularly individual natural landscape. Windmills (used for pumping water from agricultural land) and fields of tulips and other colourful flowers stretching to the horizon are well-known expressions of the character of Holland's countryside.

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Fields of tulips

Cities, Towns and Villages

Holland has numerous historic towns and cities, proud of their heritage, but also busy with modern life. Much of their charm derives from their enduring sense of human scale, evident not just in the smaller towns and villages, but also in the cities, particularly Amsterdam.

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Top 10 Things to Do

A guide to the 10 most unmissable sights in Holland.

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Museums and Galleries

An overview of some of Hollands best museums, including the Van Gogh Museum and the novel Archeon - an archaeological theme park.

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Only in Holland

A guide to the most unique and interesting places and events in Holland

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